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White Chicken Chili

Made with simple ingredients and packed with protein, this Easy White Chicken Chili is the perfect lunch or dinner soup and a nice change from traditional tomato-based chili. Soup season is here. I love soup because it’s so low maintenance. You basically can just throw whatever’s in your fridge or pantry in a pot, let it simmer a while and ... Read More »

Daily Detoxification

“A HEALTHY OUTSIDE starts from the inside“ Why Detox? Our bodies naturally detoxify everyday as part of a normal body process. Detoxification is one of the body’s most basic automatic functions of eliminating and neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Unfortunately in this day and age, with the pollution found in the air, water and food ... Read More »

Before Anything Else

“A FIT, HEALTHY BODY – that is the BEST FASHION STATEMENT“ – JESS C. SCOTT We all love just love to pamper ourselves. We have rounded up several beauty tips to get that desired look we’re dreaming of.  People are searching for plenty of advises and the internet is LOADED with it, especially those homemade beauty tips; yes, it may ... Read More »